ProLabs powers efficient connectivity with SiOB technology

Created March 8, 2018
The ProLabs Green transceiverTechnologies and Products

The ProLabs Green transceiver is a 100Gbps optical pluggable transceiver compliant with IEEE 802.3bm 100GBase-SR4 CAUI-4 and QSFP28 MSA. It supports short reach 100M optical link with very low power consumption typically less than 2 watts, significantly reducing data centre operating expense.

Using SiOB technology – a free-space optical interconnect technology utilising a silicon-based 45° micro-reflector to align the laser to the fibre medium – the transceiver deconstructs the TOSA and ROSA, eliminating the need for the optical lens and a shorter optical path. The optical path reduces to less than 200m versus the conventional approach which is greater than 500m.

This is a 60% reduction in the optical path resulting in lower power consumption and less heat dissipation. In a QSFP28-100G-SR4, power consumption with the SiOB approach provides a maximum of 2.5W, compared to 3.5W in a conventional transceiver. ProLabs stated that, in typical operations, solution consume under 2.0W, more than 30% reduction in power consumption that translates into a reduction in power consumed (kwh/y) by the transceivers and the cooling systems required.

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