OFC 2018: OFS expands ultra long haul range with TeraWave SCUBA 125 fibre

Created March 20, 2018
Enables higher transmission speeds with more wavelengths over trans-oceanic distances.Technologies and Products

Enables higher transmission speeds with more wavelengths over trans-oceanic distances.

OFS, a developer of fibre optic network products expanded its ocean product portfolio with the introduction of TeraWave SCUBA 125 Optical Fibre, which is designed to “deliver excellent performance for coherent transport submarine systems”.

The effective area is matched to terrestrial G.654.E fibres for transmission from the ocean landing site to terrestrial networks. OFS says “this fibre offers excellent cabling performance in the C- and L-bands and world-class attenuation”.

The effective area of 125 square-microns reduces nonlinearities, enabling the launch of higher signal power compared to G.652 and most G.654B fibres, while the ultra-low attenuation of <0.158 dB/km reduces signal loss.

These features enable the launch of higher signal power into the span and reduce amplifier noise, enabling higher transmission speeds with more wavelengths over trans-Atlantic distances than ultra-low loss G.652 fibres.

The ultra-low attenuation enabled by a pure silica core and large effective area features of the TeraWave SCUBA 125 fibre deliver improved margin beyond that needed for transmitting 100 Gb/s over trans-Atlantic distances, across the C- and L-bands. The additional margin can be used to support denser signal constellations than can be achieved with G.652 fibres for increased spectral efficiency.

8-QAM modulation
”The low noise and low non-linearity provided by TeraWave SCUBA 125 fibre could be used to engineer a trans-Atlantic link with 8-QAM modulation, or alternatively a lower cost QPSK modulation system with fewer repeaters,” said Dr. Robert Lingle Jr., Director of Systems & Technology Strategy at OFS. “Then you could extend the SCUBA 125 fibre in standard terrestrial cable all the way into the inland data center.

“You could even use TeraWave SCUBA 125 fibre to help engineer a 1000 km terrestrial link at 200 Gb/s between data centers – with pluggable coherent optics.”

SCUBA 125 fibre is manufactured using OFS’ proprietary manufacturing process, which produces a fibre with ultra-low polarization mode dispersion (PMD), an exceptional resistance to mechanical stress. It is fully compliant with the ITU G.654.B, D and E standard for cutoff-shifted fibre.

TeraWave SCUBA 125 fibre complements the TeraWave SCUBA 150 fibre launched in 2016 by providing a fibre optimized for higher capacity, medium length, C+L band, submarine systems. It is also purposely designed to match the effective area and mode field of the TeraWave ULL terrestrial optical fibre for ultralong haul connections between cloud data centers.

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