New York trading platforms upgraded to 40G by Options

Created March 21, 2018
40G backbone upgrade of all its managed WAN circuits across New YorkNews and Business

Options, a provider of global market data and co-location services for trading firms, has completed a major 40G backbone upgrade of all its managed WAN circuits across New York and New Jersey metro data hubs.

“Architecturally we leveraged cutting edge network technology on top of dark fiber, laying the foundation for a further programme of upgrades to 100G in the near future,” said Options.

The Options Managed Co-location platform is an ultra-low latency market data, connectivity and application hosting service. Boasting over 30 co-location sites worldwide and 400-plus market data and order entry feeds, it enables financial firms to deploy the most latency sensitive trading strategies across all major market venues globally.

The infrastructure expansion has enabled clients to connect to high volume exchange data feeds at the Mahwah, Carteret, NY4 and NJ2 data centre hubs without bandwidth restrictions. Additionally, all clients connecting to NYSE data have been upgraded to the industry’s SFTI 40Gb LX access system.

Capacity upgrade

The capacity upgrade has ensured all Options Managed Co-location clients can leverage 40G network bandwidth and resiliency between all the major co-location sites, without incurring any additional cost for mandatory exchange bandwidth changes. In addition, the streamlined distribution of all data feeds between each of these paths offers clients the choice to consume all US data at their preferred site and not just locally at the exchange co-location.

Clients benefit from latency reduction across the entire NY metro network, with the best performance seen on the Secaucus NY4 paths to Mahwah, Carteret and Weehawken NJ2.

Options’ global head of account management, Stephen Morrow, said: “With exchange data volumes on the rise, firms that consume these feeds directly are struggling with their network capacity demands. As a fully managed service, our clients are guaranteed an evergreen upgrade to the highest capacity, lowest latent network and we continually monitor the exchanges to ensure we deliver that.”

Earlier this year, Options announced the availability of its managed co-location solution at Nasdaq Stockholm, the primary securities exchange of the Nordic countries. The new service will enable co-located clients to access low latency connectivity to the exchange’s Nordic feeds directly at source at its Vasby data centre.

Nasdaq Nordic owns and operates exchanges in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway. All regions are served from its primary trading data centre in Stockholm.


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