Multi-layer network slicing for 5G on show at MWC

Created February 26, 2018
Applications and Research

Adva is hosting a joint demo with BT at Mobile World Congress (26 Feb – 01 Mar in Barcelona) presenting end-to-end, multi-layer transport network slicing and assurance. The partners say the demo will illustrate how edge computing and network slicing techniques can enable emerging 5G applications.

These include use cases that require ultra-reliable low-latency communications, such as autonomous vehicle control. Technology partners involved in the MWC demo include 6WIND, Accelleran, Athonet, Lumina Networks, Mavenir and Spirent.

“What we’re demonstrating here is a network architecture optimized for a new generation of applications. By showcasing transport network slicing within an SDN-controlled infrastructure, we’re paving the way for 5G to support different use cases on a common infrastructure that could enable anything from self-driving cars to the massive machine-type communication needed for billions of IoT devices,” said Anthony Magee, director, business development, at Adva.

“Our demo shows that true end-to-end network slicing is ready for deployment. That means multiple network allocations using the same physical infrastructure can be delivered in parallel, not only in the radio access network and mobile core network but also across transport and infrastructure resources.”

Maria Cuevas, head, mobile core network research, BT, said, “By showcasing an architecture for wholesale services that can be efficiently reconfigured across all network layers through SDN control, we’re taking a big step forward.

“But this demonstration is really just the start of an intense period of research into network slicing. Our close collaboration with Adva and other partners in this space will help us optimize our network for 5G and harness the technology’s potential to shape the future.”

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