Unitymedia selects Ciena to deliver premium network quality, improve customer experience

Created January 19, 2018
Germany’s leading cable operator cuts data center power consumption in half while delivering four times the bandwidth to meet today’s web-scale demands.Applications and Research

Germany’s leading cable operator cuts data center power consumption in half while delivering four times the bandwidth to meet today’s web-scale demands.

Cloud computing, network virtualization, HD video and other high-bandwidth services are putting extra pressure on today’s data centers and networks. Escalating costs due to power consumption, rack space limitations and related cooling issues are prevalent on the minds of service providers today.

To continue to achieve full throughput of applications and a high quality of experience for customers, Unitymedia is upgrading its network with flexible grid capabilities and deploying Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai coherent solution.

Unitymedia, the second largest cable company in Germany, is adding flexible grid capabilities and leveraging Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai solution to overcome data center complexities and reduce operational expenses.

With the higher channel capacities offered with WaveLogic Ai, up to 400Gb/s on a single wavelength, Unitymedia can offer new high capacity bandwidth services, deliver up to four times the bandwidth within the same infrastructure and site environment while reducing the cost per bit, and benefit from reduced footprint, power consumption and cooling requirements.

Unitymedia will also use a number of services from Ciena’s Specialist Services Portfolio, such as installation, operation and testing.

‘Fast evolution needed’
“We need to evolve as fast as our customers’ appetite for high bandwidth applications evolve, and it was clear Ciena would enable us to do that. With WaveLogic Ai, our data center networks will operate more efficiently, while delivering superior connectivity, entertainment and personalized experiences to our customers,” commented Felix Baldamus, Network Engineer at Unitymedia and Dieter Vorbeck, Senior Vice President of Technology, Unitymedia.

“This deployment is yet another example of our how our global scale and leading technology helps facilitate deep relationships across a wide range of customer segments. This additional deployment by Unitymedia illustrates the long-term value we bring through our consultative approach to redefining networks with more flexible and scalable architectures,” said Keri Gilder, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, Ciena.

Unitymedia headquartered in Cologne is the leading cable operator in Germany and a subsidiary of Liberty Global. The company reaches 13,0 million households in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Baden-Wuerttemberg with broadband cable services. In addition to offering cable television services Unitymedia is a leading provider of integrated triple-play services, which are responsible for the growth in the areas of digital cable television, broadband Internet and telephony.

As of September 30, 2017 Unitymedia had 7.2 million customers, from which 6.4 million are TV subscriptions, 3.4 million Internet and 3.2 million telephony subscriptions (RGU). For more information on Unitymedia see www.unitymedia.de.

More information about the installation and technology is available at www.ciena.com


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