E.ON uses broadband over powerline to deliver IoT smart metering

Created January 23, 2018
Around 33m customers purchase gas and electricity from E.ONApplications and Research

International energy utility E.ON is now using broadband over powerline as a key communications technology to deliver smart metering connections to customers in Germany. E.ON has chosen Corinex as its solution provider for an initial two year deployment.

The deployment will see tens of thousands of repeaters and head ends providing secure communications for 200,000 households as part of the major BPL roll-out. Corinex Grid Value network management based on the IBM Tivoli platform will be used to manage the network.

Elmar Peine, responsible for telecommunication infrastructure at E.ON in Germany, said: “After extensive field trials, we found that Corinex broadband over powerline technology meets our requirements for the mass roll-out of smart metering services.

‘Industry standardisation’
“We are convinced BPL is ideally suited to address the needs of many other utilities, so E.ON is interested in supporting BPL industry standardisation in order to create a broad ecosystem of silicon and system vendors.”

Peter Sobotka, CEO of Corinex, said: “We are part of an E.ON technology strategy, addressing the advanced German energy market, leading in penetration of renewables, the toughest security requirements and sophisticated load management designed for each household. Corinex, building on its leadership in BPL, is also committed to bringing in G.hn for utilities.”

G.hn is a specification for home networking with data rates of up to 1 Gbps and operations over three types of legacy wires: telephone wiring, coaxial cables and power lines. A single G.hn semiconductor device is able to network over any of the supported home wire types.

Frank Schwammberger, industry executive at IBM, said: “The scale of this project, combined with the fact that it will be operating over a high performance network, makes it one of the leading projects in the industry, and a great example of true broadband implementation of IoT.”

Around 33m customers purchase gas and electricity from E.ON.

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