New NTT Push Cleaner For FTTA Outdoor Connectors

Created December 19, 2017
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NTT Advanced Technology Corp has expanded its NEOCLEAN line of push type cleaners for outdoor connectors (ODCs). Designed for use with waterproof SC, LC and MPO connectors that are used in mobile phone Fibre To The Antenna (FTTA) and similar applications, the NEOCLEAN-EZ1 Plus is capable of more than 400 cleanings. It uses built-in specialised microfibres that won’t scratch the end face of the optical connector, yet allows the cleaning of connectors with a simple push operation. In addition, the NEOCLEAN-EZ 1 Plus can clean 1.25 mm optical connector ports and ODC plugs using its main body, and also clean typical plugs and ODC sockets by using the included attachment.

NTT notes that as optical communications becomes faster and larger in capacity, higher reliability is required for optical network equipment. One of the biggest factors that deteriorates the reliability is contamination on the end face of the optical connector. Optical connector cleaners are essential cleaning tools to eliminate this factor.

ODC connectors suitable for FTTA uses have excellent waterproof and dustproof functionality, but if there are dirty contaminants on the end face due to handling conditions before connecting, the signal may not be transmitted properly, or the contamination may be changed by surrounding temperature swings and aging, causing problems and unforeseen malfunctions.

The new cleaner has a body length of 107 mm, and 113 mm with its attachment. No special skills are needed for its use.

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