Huber+Suhner announces new E-2000

Created December 19, 2017
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Huber+Suhner recently announced modifications to its hugely successful E-2000 connector, with further performance improvements and a simplified termination process.

The connector series is one of a small number on the market to include a spring-loaded shutter which closes automatically when the connector is disengaged, locking out impurities and locking in the potentially dangerous laser beam.

The company stated that the product has been “continuously tested internally as well as at various large end customer sites” and that patch cords and pigtails, using E-2000 connectivity, have a minimum grade B performance rating. The end surface is also tested several times during the process and, in production, 100% of the IL is measured for each terminated connector.

The company has been manufacturing and selling the E-2000 under license for more than twenty years and, although the property rights expired in July 2017, the trade name is still protected and Huber+Suhner are one of only three companies legitimately manufacturing premium connectors.

The E-2000 standard connector is available for singlemode and multimode applications in a variety of polish styles and is completely standardised and compatible with all other compliant products on the market.


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