FTTX solutions from HellermannTyton

Created December 18, 2017
Technologies and Products

HellermannTyton have designed a range of outlets, distribution boxes, customer connection points and connectorised wall boxes that, combined with the fibre splice closures, provides full end to end FTTX solutions for both new developments and existing buildings. Depending on the size of the building, be it a large or small Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) or a Single Dwelling Unit (SDU), this range of products offers a number of options in fibre connectivity and distribution. Below are two of our latest products introduced to the FTTX range.

Versatile Routing Management System

The connectorised fibre PoC and PoP are flexible fibre management systems, designed to be configured in an extensive range of cabinets. The two standard systems offer either 48 LC Simplex connections (expandable up to 96) in a Stainless Steel cabinet or 96 LC Simplex connections in a Polycarbonate cabinet. Other configurations may be available to meet more exacting requirements – please contact HellermannTyton for further information.

The systems are presented in a point to multipoint design with positive fibre management for both 250μm and 900μm fibre. Additional loop storage is provided for installations with loop through applications. The cabinets are supplied with 1 x 8 splitter assemblies, fibre splice trays, drop patch modules, drop patch module holders, drop cable managers and customer drop management brackets to accommodate 8mm blown duct tubes.

Each splitter assembly consists of a pre-assembled fibre splice tray with a single pre-installed 1 x 8 splitter and 1 3A splice bridge. The splitter is pre-connectorised with 8 LC Simplex 900μm output fibres. These are routed to an 8 port LC Simplex drop patch module and connected to 8 LC Simplex adaptors. The additional trays are fitted with 2 splice bridges to accommodate a maximum of 16 3A splices.