FOLAN introduces its range of RIGA optical distribution frames

Created December 14, 2017
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FOLAN has announced that it will use FTTH Conference 2018 to showcase its RIGA optical distribution frames.

The frames are available in either single or double versions and integrate into technical rooms, optical connection nodes, optical sub-distributors and shelters. Each product has been adapted to serve as indoor operator distribution point boxes, in compliance with current regulations applied to FTTH network materials and manage a high density of optical fibers and subscriber connections (from 900 to 1 100 subscribers).

Designed to host 19” modules for the connection, coupling, dispatching and storage of optical fibers, they are also compatible with all equipment required to build FTTH networks. Both versions include a fully functional coiling area composed of vertical cylinder patchcord organisers and are designed to facilitate dispatching within the ODF.

Quick and easy to assemble, the frames take up very little space and include a variety of cable fastening brackets as well as adjustable guide rings and hooks. The products can be fixed to a wall, or directly to the ground and it is also possible to place them back to back, or side by side.

The company stated that it is also able to provide bespoke frames to match specific user requirements and can be deliver each product equipped with materials, like its own NIAGARA patch panels or cable spreader boxes.

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