CTS overcomes FTTA and FTTB deployment challenges

Created December 12, 2017
Technologies and Products

Connection Technology Systems (CTS) recently revealed two new 14/10-port L2+ fibre access switches for FTTA and FTTB deployment, the FOS-3114 and FOS-3110.

Designed to overcome deployment challenges, such as space limitations, noise problems and environmental factors, the half-rack size 3114 and 3110 are perfect for installations in apartment cabinets with a hard-to-find DC power source and support various installation types that could flexibly fit in 9, 12 and standard 19 inch rack or mount on walls, in different angles via brackets.

Fanless switches eliminate potential noise complaints and ensure a longer lifespan. The switches are also dry contact equipped, connecting to a siren, or other sensor devices, to detect theft or accidents.

Both 3114 and 3110 products come with a full management solution, including both out-of-band console port and in-band IP Telnet, SSH, Web, SNMP for remote management.


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