Plugfest Boosts XGS-PON Interoperability

Created November 16, 2017
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According to the Broadband Forum (BBF) the development of PON technology has been accelerated by the second XGS-PON Interoperability plugfest held in France.

XGS-PON is based on the ITU-T’s latest Recommendation (ITU-T G.9807.1), providing a symmetrical 10 Gbits/s capability over a fibre infrastructure that can co-exist with legacy 2.5 Gbits/s G-PON.

Organised by the Laboratoire des Applications Numériques (LAN), in collaboration with the Full Service Access Network (FSAN) Group and the BBF, this year’s plugfest focused on interoperability between XGS-PON Optical Line Terminations (OLTs) and Optical Network Units (ONUs), as well as the coexistence between various PON technologies, including G-PON and NG-PON2. Participating companies included ADTRAN, Broadcom, Calix, CommScope, Econet, Huawei, Intel, MT2, Nokia, Sagemcom, TiBit Communications and ZTE.

The BBF says all equipment vendors, FSAN and BBFmembers were able to improve the interoperability of their products by testing them against other solutions presented during the event.

“Since we held the first plugfest last year, momentum around PON has been growing and this second event underpins the wider activities being carried out,” said Thierry Doligez, Director of the LAN. “The industry is very much working together to ensure that when it comes to deploying PON technologies, operators have a wide choice of interoperable solutions and can deploy the technology cost-effectively.”

“Efficient interoperability testing and its next step ONU certification process is essential to Orange before envisioning any significant deployment of a technology generation,” stated Christian Gacon, Director of Wireline Network and Infrastructure at Orange Labs, a contributor to the plugfest test plan. “XGS-PON test events prove the basic standards sanity check and enable the next step consisting in common technical specifications amongst major operators worldwide to focus the industry towards a bulk first market for the technology.”

“The latest plugfest further extended our work in the field of PON interoperability, addressing the need to secure both maturity of the ITU-T Recommendations and provide a migration path to operators,” said Robin Mersh, Broadband Forum CEO. “The large number of engineers this plugfest attracted, from an impressive breadth of companies, highlights that collaboration and standardisation is incredibly important for the broadband industry as we move towards the next generation of fibre access.”

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