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Created November 22, 2017
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Hyperoptic, an organisation claiming to be the UK’s largest residential Gigabit broadband provider, has announced that it is now working with 100 UK property developers. The list includes Barratt London, Berkeley Homes, Crest Nicholson, Great Portland Estates and Stanhope.

Hyperoptic works with developers to install its fibre infrastructure into existing developments across their portfolios. It has also become standard addition to the initial specifications for new developments, as it offers ‘day one’ connectivity as standard for new developments.

Hyperoptic provides an original specification to developers, followed by a cost neutral installation. It then undertakes maintenance at its own cost going forward.

“Digital infrastructure is now on par with physical. Homebuyers want and expect to have ultrafast broadband connectivity that supports, rather than hinders, their online lives – it’s almost as important to new homebuyers as running water and electricity,” says Chris Gilbert, Managing Director, Berkeley Homes. “Full fibre for new homes is an ongoing commitment for us.”

Increasing the number of developers that Hyperoptic works with is a strategic priority for the company. By supplying more developers with its full fibre connectivity, Hyperoptic is expediting the expansion of its network footprint across the UK, which is designed to enable the company to achieve its ambition of passing two million homes by 2022.

“Our full fibre infrastructure meets and exceeds the connectivity requirements of residents – it also provides the foundation for any technology to be incorporated and used within the connected properties,” states David Walker, Head of Property, Hyperoptic. “With full fibre, the ‘smart home’ goes from a buzzword to a way of life and the PropTech sector can flourish.”

Hyperoptic’s full fibre approach enables symmetrical Gigabit broadband services, which are reckoned to be over 27 times faster than the average speed a UK consumer receives today.  Hyperoptic is already available to consumers and businesses across 28 cities and towns in the UK. In July 2017 Hyperoptic received £100 million in funding to accelerate the build of its full fibre network.

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