First Subsea Cable To Link USA and India via Brazil and South Africa

Created November 6, 2017
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Seaborn Networks and IOX Cable Ltd have entered into a joint provisioning agreement to provide the first next-generation subsea fibre optic route between the USA and India that will interconnect in South Africa and Brazil. This path connecting the USA with three of the BRICS countries and Mauritius is designed to provide the most secure and reliable route between these markets by providing fewer hops through fewer countries than existing alternative routes.

Seaborn is the developer-owner-operator of the following: Seabras-1, the most direct subsea system between New York and São Paulo; ARBR, the only new direct subsea system planned to be built between Brazil and Argentina (RFS Q4 2018); and SABR, a new subsea system between Cape Town, South Africa and Seabras-1 (RFS 2019).

IOX is the developer of the IOX Cable System, the first next-generation subsea network interconnecting South Africa, Mauritius and India (RFS 2019). IOX has commenced work for the cable route survey and, once completed, will provide a direct route between South Africa and India via Mauritius. Seaborn’s SABR and the IOX System will interconnect in South Africa.

The Seabras-1 + SABR + IOX System route will be available exclusively through Seaborn and IOX.

“We are extremely pleased to work with IOX to provide this unique and highly secure route,” said Seaborn Chairman and CEO Larry Schwartz. “This alliance will reshape the global communications landscape for the Southern Hemisphere.”

“This new relationship between Seaborn and IOX pioneers new global route alternatives to interconnect key emerging markets with the US,” added IOX Founder and CEO Arunachalam Kandasamy.


This article was written
by John Williamson

John Williamson is a freelance telecommunications, IT and military communications journalist. He has also written for national and international media, and been a telecoms advisor to the World Bank.