Finisar 100G SWDM4 QSFP28 transceiver releases to full production

Created November 20, 2017
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Company claims to be “first in industry” to ship new MSA-compliant modules supporting legacy duplex multimode fiber infrastructure.

Finisar is in full production of its 100G shortwave wavelength division multiplexing optical transceiver. The pluggable QSFP28 transceiver is claimed to be the first mass-produced module capable of transmitting 100 Gbps over a single pair of multimode fibres, thereby enabling users to upgrade from existing 10 to 100 Gbps without altering the existing fiber infrastructure. The transceiver is also the first optical module on the market compliant with the 100G SWDM4 specification defined by the SWDM multi-source agreement.

Many data centres today carry 10 Gbps optical signals over duplex multimode fibre, where one fibre is used to transmit a signal and the other is used to receive a signal. When upgrading to 40 or 100 Gbps over MMF, data centre operators must quadruple the amount of fibre deployed if they wish to use optical transceiver modules based on the IEEE 40GBASE-SR4 or 100GBASE-SR4 standards, both of which rely on four fiber pairs.

The transceiver, system, and cabling suppliers that constitute the SWDM MSA have agreed on specifications that avoid the need for this additional fibre, and therefore allow data centres to further leverage their investment in their existing MMF plant.

Reliability testing
Finisar was the first optical transceiver vendor to complete reliability testing and release a 40 Gbps SWDM4 module earlier in 2017, and says it is now also the first vendor to complete reliability testing and release a 100 Gbps SWDM4 module. These modules comply with the “40G SWDM4” and “100G SWDM4” specifications of the SWDM MSA, respectively.

“The SWDM modules provide great value to our data center customers,” said James Wynia, director of network product management at Dell EMC. “The ability to leverage existing 10G fibre infrastructure not only saves our customers additional capital expenditure, but also provides operational savings by eliminating the need for new fibre installation and associated facility upgrades.”

Dale Murray, principal analyst at LightCounting Market Research, commented, “Finisar’s SWDM modules are the first of their kind to finish qualification and be released to mass production. These duplex MMF modules provide systems vendors with a strong competitive advantage against other vendors who offer only parallel multimode optics at 40G and 100G to their data center customers.”

Yi Zhaoping, product development manager at New H3C Technologies, added, “We are pleased to offer Finisar’s SWDM modules to our customers. SWDM modules are an example of how New H3C allows our customers to maximize the value of their prior investments and seamlessly scale their data centres.”

In addition to the 40G SWDM4 and 100G SWDM4 modules currently in production, Finisar previously demonstrated an extended-reach 100G eSWDM4 module at the European Conference on Optical Communications in Gothenburg, Sweden in September 2017.

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