Technavio names top five vendors in submarine fibre cable market

Created November 6, 2017
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Technavio has published a new report on the global submarine fiber cable market from 2017-2021. The analyst has announced the top five leading vendors in its recent global submarine fibre cable market report. The report also lists eight other prominent vendors expected to impact the market during the forecast period.

The global submarine fibre cable market is expected to grow at a CAGR of close to 5% during the forecast period. Huge investments are expected from consortia and private enterprises due to the exponential increase in demand for high-speed Internet services.

As there is a huge increase in Internet use and cloud technology, the existing cable networks will not be sufficient to meet the needs of the users. Therefore, a huge increase in the number of projects of submarine cable networks is expected.

Gaurav Mohindru, a lead engineering tools research analyst from Technavio, commented, “The key vendors will witness only a moderate level of competition from new vendors as the market requires them to make huge initial investments to enter the market.

He added, “Also, technological needs create a barrier for the new players in the market. Moreover, there is huge competition within the existing vendors to obtain new projects as the number of projects in this field is low and each project is worth billions of dollars.”

In the report, Technavio market research analysts have identified the following key vendors, with associated comments about their position and prospects:

Alcatel Submarine Networks is one of the leading vendors in the market with many years of experience. The company has an advanced fleet of cable deployment vessels along with an experienced workforce. ASN offers products and innovations in IP and cloud networking, as well as ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access to customers and their service providers. It serves various sectors such as telecommunications, oil and gas, power utilities, defense, public safety, highways, state and local governments, and railways.

Fujitsu is an IT company that provides customer-centric IT and communication solutions. The company offers products and services for technology buyers; OEMs; large, small, and mid-level enterprises; and governments. Its product portfolio includes IT products and systems, software, networks, and electronic devices. It has a global presence in Japan, EMEA, America, Asia, and Oceania.

Huawei Marine Networks assimilates its innovative technologies in telecommunications with its marine operations experience and has committed itself to the development and construction of submarine cable communication networks worldwide. The company provides reliable turnkey submarine cable system solutions, which include system design, integration, and installation services with a focus and commitment to customer support for network operators.

NEC is an IT and network technology solutions provider. The company mainly classifies its operations into various segments such as public business, enterprise business, telecom carrier, and system platform business. The company offers innovative technical solutions for high-reliability broadband communications. It designs and manufactures superior subsea fiber optic cables. The company’s OCCSC500 series works at 15 kV and can operate at depths of 8,000 meters. It also offers different LW cables, SA cables, and DAH cables.

TE SubCom designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor solutions. The company operates in various segments such as network upgrades, oil and gas scientific applications, marine services, flexible solutions, repeaterless networks, and repeatered solutions. The company has bagged a lot of new and upgrade projects because of its highly advanced deployment vessels, global presence, and well-trained employees.


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