Sckipio’s silicon delivers gigabit broadband

Created October 11, 2017
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Sckipio’s newest broadband chipset family delivers 1.2 gigabits of aggregate bandwidth over 100m of telephone wire.

The start-up’s SCK-23000 chipset family implements the ITU’s Amendment 3 212a profile. The new profile doubles the spectrum used from 106MHz to 212MHz, boosting the broadband rates.

“What the telcos want is gigabit services,” said Michael Weissman, vice president of marketing at Sckipio. “This second-generation [chipset family] allows that.”

The SCK-23000 comprises two chipsets. One is the 8-port DP23000 chipset used at the distribution point unit (DPU) while the second chipset is the CP23000, used for customer premise equipment.

The chipsets enable an aggregate line-rate performance (downstream and upstream) of 1.7Gbit/s over 50m, to 0.4Gbit/s over 300m. The DP23000 chipset also supports two bonded telephone lines, effectively doubling the line rate. In markets such as the US and Taiwan, a second wire pair to a home is common.

Implementing requires vectoring, an intensive digital signal processing task used to rejects crosstalk – leaking signals – between the telephone wires at the distribution point. Sckipio says the SCK-23000 supports up to 96 ports (or 48 bonded ports) at the 212a profile. The design uses distributed parallel processing that spreads the vectoring computation among the DP23000 8-port devices used.

Sckipio says it has secured four out of the top five telcos in the US that have chosen to do AT&T, CenturyLink, Windstream and Frontier. “The two largest – AT&T and CenturyLink – are exclusively ours,” said Weissman. Overall, Sckipio is involved in some 100 pilots worldwide.

The start-up is also the sole supplier of silicon to broadband vendor Calix and one of two suppliers to Adtran.

Sckipio says the SCK-23000 chipsets are already with customers and that the devices are generally available.

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