ECOC 2017: EXFO launches advanced telecom industry 400G tester

Created October 3, 2017
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At ECOC 2017, network test, monitoring and analytics systems developer EXFO released its 400G testing solution designed for telecom network equipment manufacturers, carrier labs, and data centers.

The FTBx-88400NGE Power Blazer offers advanced testing for the full suite of new 400G technologies, including support for Flex Ethernet (FlexE), 400G Ethernet and high-speed transceiver validation. EXFO says it is also the industry’s most compact 400G test solution, available in rackmount or portable platforms.

Evolution of speed
“With the explosive demand for increased bandwidth on the network driven by online content providers, data centers and wireless applications, the telecom industry is quickly gearing up for 400G—the next step in the evolution of speed,” the company stated in the launch announcement. Having access to a comprehensive test solution in the form of the FTBx-88400NGE is critical to enable these different players to validate and deploy higher-speed links.”

Stéphane Chabot, EXFO’s VP Test and Measurement, commented, “The telecom industry is racing to innovate smarter and more powerful solutions that meet the needs of a 400G world, despite the challenges of time-to-market and new advanced technologies.

“Our FTBx-88400NGE Power Blazer offers a critical competitive edge by providing the industry’s most comprehensive 400G test solution to offer support for 400G technologies from in-lab innovation to testing in the field.”

When deployed within the FTB-4 Pro platform, the FTBx-88400NGE Power Blazer is said to be the most compact and only portable 400G test solution on the market. In addition, the LTB-8 rackmount platform can accommodate two 400G modules, making it the only solution in the industry that can test up to 800G simultaneously.

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