BBWF 2017: Keymile supports future-proof expansion of broadband networks

Created October 23, 2017
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Keymile is presenting its portfolio of products for high-speed broadband access at the Broadband World Forum in Berlin, between 24 to 26 October 2017. The newly-released, modular and compact MileGate 3300 GPON-OLT allows network operators to provide FTTH services in PON architecture “at a reasonable cost”.

The company is showing its range of solutions for all FTTx network architectures: based on optical fibre for active and passive optical network architectures and on copper with VDSL2/vectoring/ technology.

MileGate 3300, the latest solution for broadband network operators, offers 32 GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) ports that can connect up to 4,096 homes and businesses. In contrast to active switch systems, passive splitters turn passive optical networks into cost-efficient solutions for network operators. MileGate 3300 is accommodated in a robust chassis that can be fitted with various plug-in boards for medium-sised connection points.

Enhanced GPON platform
The next biggest MileGate 3510 GPON-OLT will also be featured on the stand. Network operators can use MileGate 3510 in an exchange while only passive splitters are still in the outdoor cabinet. MileGate 3510 offers 96 GPON ports which up to 12,288 customers can be connected from. The GPON platform is enhanced to handle vast data transmission rates and high levels of availability and allows network operators to provide services like high-speed Internet, VoIP and IPTV.

Furthermore, Keymile is also showcase the IP-MSAN (Multi Service Access Node) system family at BBWF 2017. This includes the MileGate 2510/2310/2200, MileGate 2012 and optical MSAN MileGate Fibre Series. MileGate supports a wide variety of interfaces and can be flexibly used in FTTC, FTTB and FTTH environments.

The systems have both a V5.x interface and a VoIP Media Gateway function based on H.248/MEGACO and SIP. As a result, says the supplier, “network operators can continue to offer traditional telephone services (POTS/ISDN), but already convert their network to a standard VoIP architecture.”

The optical MileGate MSAN fibre series supports both active and passive optical Ethernet from one single platform and thanks to its high level of port density and flexibility it is ideal for setting up future-proof FTTH environments.

With its eight interfaces, an equally powerful, but more economical alternative to FTTH rollouts is the MileGate 2012 G-fast/VDSL2 Micro DSLAM which has been optimised for FTTB. The G-fast 106 MHz profile delivers data transmission rates of one gigabit via the building’s existing copper-wire pairs. Furthermore, MileGate 2012’s VDSL2 vectoring mode allows seamless migration to higher bandwidths. Whether they have vectoring or not, network operators can then start with VDSL2 and upgrade to if demand grows.

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