Tilgin ‘smart home’ solution wins award at DECT ULE technology summit

Created September 12, 2017
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Innovative gateway co-developed by Tilgin, VTech and Intel.

Tilgin, a provider of gateway software for broadband access has announced that the Smart Home Gateway solution, for operator networks, developed in collaboration with Vtech and Intel, was selected for an award at the 2017 DECT ULE Technology Summit in Amsterdam.

Tilgin developed its Smart Home Gateway software, Open HGA, which enables the integration and management of DECT/ULE devices. Tilgin worked closely with VTech for its hardware expertise and Intel for its technology expertise.

Apart from traditional triple play service capabilities, the solution also includes full support for introducing new smart home services with strong operator control and management capabilities, and vast opportunities for operators to monetize such new service offerings within the smart home sector.

The Smart Home Gateway consists of a VTech Home Gateway hardware device powered by an Intel AnyWAN GRX330 SoC, running Tilgin Open HGA software, transforming a traditional triple play capable gateway into the true center of the future Smart Home without any need for additional control devices or standalone hardware hubs. Completing the total system solution in this particular case are a handful of sample DECT ULE consumer devices: a cordless telephone, smart cordless color light bulbs and a smart cordless wall switch.

Local access radio technology
“We are proud that our Smart Home ULE Gateway System, developed in collaboration with VTech and Intel, is one of the prominent solutions to be honored at the ULE Technology Summit. We now see other operators following suit by choosing DECT ULE as their preferred local access radio technology. Tilgin, VTech and Intel are working together closely to lead the way with new developments in this area,” said Jonny Wetterborn, CEO, Tilgin.

C.H. Tong, President of Telecommunication Products at VTech, adds, “This is a great acknowledgement of the efforts we have made in the development of the Smart Home Gateway System together with Tilgin and Intel. This is opening a lot of opportunities for Tilgin and VTech to offer operators a complete, scalable and ready to use all-in-one solution which in turn enables operators to offer a multitude of new Smart Home services and Home Area Network (HAN) sensor-based applications, such as home automation, house & activity monitoring, appliance metering and health care.”

Dirk Wieberneit, General Manager, Telco Business Line, Intel Corporation explains: “We have invested in DECT ULE for many years and have a solution that integrates seamlessly with DECT-Voice enabled gateways to make it a Smart Home device like the Tilgin “3-in-1” Connected Home Solution” and interacts with a broad range of ULE-enabled clients and smart home applications. Our collaboration with Vtech and Tilgin has led to great results and we look forward to continuing on this path.”


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