ECOC 2017: Source Photonics and Credo Semiconductor demo single Lambda 100G connectivity over 20km of fibre

Created September 29, 2017
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At ECOC 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Source Photonics and Credo Semiconductor together presented a single lambda 100Gbits/sec connectivity demonstration over 20km of fiber using a compact TOSA and ROSA capable of 53Gbaud PAM4 operation.

The companies commented that “increasing demand for more bandwidth in Cloud data centers is creating the need for more efficient and higher throughput optical transceivers beyond the currently deployed 100G 4x25G WDM technology”.

Next generation transceivers will need to support higher order modulation techniques such as PAM4 and higher data rate operation at 53Gbaud. Implementations that can be supported with this technology include 400G-DR4/FR4 in addition to 100G-DR/FR/LR.

The demonstration consisted of Source Photonics’ internally packaged TOSA and ROSA sub-assemblies in an optical loopback configuration through 20km of single-mode fibre using a single 100G channel of Credo’s low power PAM4 IC technology.

The bit-error-rate (BER) after 20km of fiber remained better than the KP4 FEC requirement and was around 5x10exp-5. The TOSA is based on Source Photonics’ EML laser technology which provides the necessary bandwidth to achieve a TDECQ value below 2.5dB.

53Gbaud single lambda building blocks
The room temperature link budget of 10dB provides considerable margin for the most significant link specifications under development in the industry, allowing production margin for performance variations. These results show that the building blocks necessary to realize 53Gbaud single lambda operation are available and ready to serve the needs of next generation data center deployments.

“What our demonstration shows with one laser and one receiver currently requires four lasers and four receivers in the industry. Our achievement means not only lower-cost future 100G transmission but also accelerating the development of 400G products,” said Doug Wright, CEO of Source Photonics.

“We are continuing to invest in next generation technology, such as Single Lambda 100G, as part of our commitment to providing leading edge solutions for data centers.”

Rajan Pai, VP system applications at Credo, added, “The HyperScale Cloud Providers have spoken and 100G per lambda solutions are a key connectivity priority. Our unique SerDes architecture allows us to deliver single-lane 100G performance at the lowest power which will enable the volume deployments of 100G and 400G optical modules.”

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