ECOC 2017: Effect Photonics enters agreement with Skylane Optics

Created September 29, 2017
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To supply narrow-tunable optical transceivers to telecoms operators in Europe and Americas.

Soon after Effect Photonics announced the sampling of its low-cost, narrow-band tunable DWDM SFP+ optical transceivers for next generation mobile networks, it has entered an agreement with Skylane Optics to supply lineside optical DWDM tunable SFP+ optical transceivers to telecoms operators across Europe, North and South America.

Leveraging its optical system-on-chip technology with its high-performance photonic integration platform, Effect Photonics is offering a narrow-band tunable DWDM SFP+ optical transceiver designed for telecom lineside applications.

Effect commented that the costs associated with using narrow-band tunable optical transceiver will enable a reduction in sparing and provisioning costs by over 90%. Effect’s VP Sales and Marketing, Robert Hughes said, “We are excited to be working with Skylane to support them with this opportunity.”

Skylane CEO, Philippe Bolle said, “Effect’s optical transceiver addresses a need for telecom operators to reduce their sparing and provisioning costs. In addition it solves the lack of availability of 10G DWDM fixed wavelength EML optical transceivers.”

PIC International award
Recently voted winner of the PIC International Award for Advances in Photonic Integration, is combining the performance and tunability of indium phosphide with the cost point of full optical integration to deliver transceiver solutions to industry standard module formats which provide savings in operational costs and capex.

More information about Effect Photonics is available on the company’s website.


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