Superior cable management claimed for high-density fibre panel

Created August 3, 2017
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Amphenol Telect has unveiled a high-density fibre distribution chassis that it says boasts cable management features that will change the way networks connect.

The C2LINX is aimed at hyperscale networks and is designed to maintain appropriate bend radius standards and protect fibre against possible snags, tension and attenuation.  It supports 144 terminations in a one rack unit, and is available in 1RU, 2RU and 4RU versions.  Each C2LINX tray holds two modules that can be mixed and matched with patch-only, patch and splice, splitters, DWDMs, WDMs, CWDMs, MPOs, TAPs and pre-terminated modules to address multiple configurations.

The front and rear access C2LINX utilises HD links and microtabs for the improved routing of fibres in the chassis during installation and servicing. The HD links attached to each tray of the panel have articulating mechanisms that move with the tray, but do not put fibre at risk. As each tray is pulled in or out, the links swivel while the fibre slides under the microtabs, an arrangement that keeps the fibre from spilling out of the links. The fibre is then routed out of the tray and toward the side of the panel to help keep the cable out of the way of the sliding tray and avoid any fibre being pinched or broken.

The chassis is designed to fit a variety of network environments, including enterprise, telecommunications and cable TV.

“We’ve developed a panel that hits the high-density port numbers networks need to mobilise 5G Internet and keeps fibre cable management efficient and simple,” according to Walt Takisaki, Amphenol Telect Director of Product Development. “We’ve gone the extra mile to keep fibre organised, protected and out of the way of the ports. It allows us to achieve a maximum termination density, maintain correct bend radius integrity and minimise strain on the jumpers.”

C2LINX is scheduled to be shipping to early access customers in September 2017.

A short C2LINX video is available at:

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