LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector offers productivity and convenience

Created August 8, 2017
Technologies and Products

The LC Type line of products available from Suncall America deliver the high-optical performance required by today’s most demanding fibre optic and networking applications, the company states.

The newly-announced LC Push-Pull Uniboot Connector utilizes the familiar push-pull installation and removal feature, with a no-jig polarity reversible function for convenient versatility. Additionally, the seamless latching design ensures a stable connection and a strong, stress-resistant retention force.

This connector’s compact small form factor (SFF) design also makes managing cable systems simpler, says Suncall, and it is able to easily be connected and disconnected from high-density panels.

Push-Pull Uniboot Connector
Available in a variety of models and styles for single and multimode applications, the Push-Pull Uniboot Connector, along with the full line of LC Type products, provides one of the industry’s most productive and space-efficient solutions.

Suncall America is a provider of advanced fibre optic and network connectivity solutions. The company says, “Our team of industry-leading engineers, manufacturers, project managers and customer support staff work directly in collaboration with customers to design and manufacture connectors, adapters and accessories to the exacting specifications of the application. It’s one more reason why Suncall is the company is engineered by imagination.”


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