100 Gbits/s PIN Photodiode Array Unveiled

Created August 7, 2017
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Applied Optoelectronics Inc (AOI) has announced the successful development of 100 Gbits/s PIN photodiode (PD) arrays for high-speed optical receivers.

According to the company, the InGaAs PIN PD is a front illuminated photodiode with a large modulation bandwidth, high responsivity, and low dark current. The product is a 4 x 25 Gbits/s PD array, and is designed specifically for 100 Gbits/s transceiver modules for datacentre and 100G EPON transceivers for FTTH applications. The PIN PD can also be used for the PAM4 receivers used in the AOI 200G and 400G data centre transceivers. In addition, the 25 Gbits/s singlet PD can be used in 25G SFP28 transceivers for 5G wireless and 25G EPON applications.

“High-speed photodiodes require high quality epitaxial crystal material with very high purity in order to operate with low noise. In addition, such high-performance photodiodes require very small aperture to achieve high bandwidth. Both of these requirements were achieved by our advanced Metalorganic Chemical Vapour Deposition (MOCVD) growth capability and mature wafer processing technology,” commented Dr. Jun Zheng, VP and Head of AOI’s R&D division. “With in-house manufacturing for both our 100 Gbits/s PIN PD array and 25 Gbpits/s laser diodes, AOI now controls the two key optical components for its 100G transceivers, which will greatly improve our lead time, cost, and quality. This product line deepens our vertical integration for our current 100G and 200G products, and opens exciting possibilities for 400G and beyond.”



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