XKL’s eVolocity bridges gap between lit service and DWDM networks

Created June 12, 2017
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Image, left: XKL’s CEO Len Bosack with package user interface.

XKL LLC, a provider of fibre optic networking systems, has expanded its eVolocity platform, now with features including DWDM networks and lit service handoffs across the same interface. This capability allows users to connect physically separate private DWDM networks within a single platform.

XKL says the ability to light dark fibre and interface to lit services, including subsea, terrestrial and aerial, with a single, integrated platform, enables customers to create more flexible networks.

The eVolocity platform also acts as a media converter, aggregating 10GE ports for transport on 100G DWDM wavelengths and on LAN-PHY interfaces. Moreover, it leverages statistical multiplexing at OSI layer 1, giving customers the ability to aggregate more client-side interfaces than the standard 10x10GE solutions.

The eVolocity platform is compact in size – coming in a 1RU or 2RU form factor – and has low power consumption. Additionally, total cost of ownership savings are maximised with the platform since it is designed for IT professionals to integrate and operate in their networks simply and effectively, reducing the need for expensive optical engineers.

“Enterprise networks are increasingly separated from their data centres as facilities are established further away from corporate offices,” said Dr. Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect for XKL.

“When dark fibre is not available to those remote locations, the eVolocity platform can access your proprietary network via lit services. This provides a great deal of flexibility for the customer in how the network is designed,” he added.

For more information on the eVolocity platform and the rest of XKL’s optical networking product portfolio, visit www.xkl.com

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