ProLabs to present high density CWDM transceivers

Created June 20, 2017
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The increasing requirement for new services to be deployed in a prompt, flexible and cost effective manner has driven the need for a new approach in fibre optic services and compatible optical networking solutions provider, ProLabs, provide an extensive range of high-quality products including optical and copper transceivers, direct attach cables (DAC), active optical cables (AOC) and media converters.

The company’s high density CWDM transceivers offer the capability to effectually double circuit capacity over existing CWDM infrastructure, reducing time and expense. Network operators can gain the benefits of overlaying new services on existing fibre optic networks without the capital investment associated with adding new fibre or purchasing new network equipment.

ProLabs high density CWDM technology combines a standard CWDM transmit and receive pair on to the pass band of a single CWDM wavelength, allowing up to 32 circuits over a standard CWDM solution. Additionally, the High Density CWDM is rated for industrial temperature applications, ensuring performance outside of controlled environments.

Traditional CWDM use two channels with a 13nm window and 20nm spacing. However, ProLabs HD CWDM transceiver is capable of fitting two distinct frequencies within this 13nm window. Effectively, this doubles the amount of traffic users can send through each channel, whilst still being compatible with their existing CWDM infrastructure such as multiplexers and fibre.

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