OFS launches InvisiLight Façade fibre solution

Created June 20, 2017
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Specified for low-rise, outdoor building installations.

OFS, a manufacturer of innovative fibre optic products, has launched the InvisiLight Façade solution for low-rise buildings or garden-style dwelling units.

The InvisiLight portfolio complements the Drop Cable Solution for residential homes, MDU Solution for building hallways and the ILU Solution for indoor living units. OFS says the range is well integrated with the SlimBox-branded portfolio of terminals and enclosures.

The Façade is offered with a 12- or 24-fibre count indoor/outdoor rated cable, which can be installed on the face of a building or tucked behind other outdoor structures such as rainwater downpipes. The two cables have a 3.0 and 3.8 mm diameter respectively and can be factory pre-terminated or connectorised on site with a fusion splice or a mechanical connector.

During installation, the cables are connected to an outdoor building terminal, which is usually installed at the base of a building. From the terminal, the cable can be positioned vertically on the face of the building into the attic and be connected to a distribution terminal from which “EZ-Bend” fibre optic cables can be connected to the dwelling units.

Alternatively, the cable can be placed along the building façade using clips to pass each home with compact slack loops placed outside or inside the unit. From this point, the optical fibre can easily be extracted to connect to the other InvisiLight solutions to reach the Optical Network Terminal.

OFS’s EZ-Bend optical fibre is used in the InvisiLight Façade cable and all InvisiLight products. With its 2.5 mm bend radius, the developer says this fibre can easily handle the sharp corners typically encountered when conforming the cable neatly to the building.

OFS commented, “Since 2012, we have revolutionised the deployment of discrete and easily installable solutions for buildings and homes with InvisiLight Solutions. The InvisiLight Façade Solution solves an old pain point of visible exterior cabling or raceways, with a new virtually invisible approach to place fiber on and into buildings.”

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