New gigs for Ciena 6500 Packet-Optical Platform

Created June 30, 2017
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Network strategy and technology company Ciena has inked two new deals for its high-speed 6500 Packet-Optical Platform.

In one, the private Luxembourgish operator LuxNetwork has contracted for the supply of the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform with integrated WaveLogic Encryption for its new 100 Gbits/s network. That deployment is designed to help LuxNetwork increase its network capacity to support the growing bandwidth and security demands of Luxembourg’s important financial sector, large enterprises and international wholesale customers.

Operating a network with 10 times the capacity it had previously, LuxNetwork will now offer higher-capacity services, including 10 Gbits/s and 100 Gbits/s Ethernet, and 8 Gbits/s and 16 Gbits/s Fiber Channel, as well as encryption for protection of in-transit data. Additionally, LuxNetwork’s enterprise and carrier customers will have access to dedicated, secure, high-bandwidth and scalable connectivity without having to own the infrastructure.

The LuxNetwork announcement comes days after it was reported that Ciena was supplying French operator Bouygues Telecom with its 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to help improve the efficiency, scalability and reliability of that company’s current network backhauling and aggregation infrastructure, and support the creation of its new SuperCore network. This deployment will increase capacity to up to 400 Gbits/s to support surging capacity demands and new high-bandwidth services, as well as allow Bouygues Telecom to further grow its mobile and ISP offerings, and lay the foundations for a future 5G roll-out.

The new infrastructure will additionally support Bouygues Telecom in its endeavours to offer its customers a superior quality of service through its 4G network, and also further its plans for its fixed network and, more particularly, its FTTH service.

“Modernising our backhauling and aggregation networks in addition to our SuperCore network is a major evolution of our infrastructure, allowing us to better service our customers and manage bandwidth demands as users become even more data-centric in their device use,” observes Jean Paul Arzel, Directeur Réseau, Bouygues Telecom.

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