NBN selects Coriant CloudWave optics to scale national Australian core network

Created June 27, 2017
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Flexi-rate optical transport solution to increase capacity while reducing operating costs.

Coriant, a developer of packet optical, IP, and SDN solutions to Tier 1 global service providers and web-scale Internet operators, has announced that NBN, the company building and operating Australia’s national broadband network, has selected the Coriant CloudWave Optics solution to scale its existing nationwide optical transport backbone network in response to growing demand for broadband network capacity.

The NBN transcontinental optical transport backbone (known as the Transit Network) spans over 60,000 km of fibre and is built upon the Coriant hiT 7300 Packet Optical Transport Platform. The Transit Network enables NBN to connect the different NBN Multi Technology Mix access nodes to points where the traffic is transferred to service providers, known as Point of Interconnect.

The access nodes are the modern equivalent of a local telephone exchange and can be located many thousands of kilometers from their corresponding POI, of which there are 121. The introduction of Coriant CloudWave Optics technology within the existing hiT 7300 network will give NBN the ability to leverage the industry’s latest advances in high-speed, low latency optical networking, including per-wavelength transmission at speeds of 200G and beyond.

Coriant CloudWave Optics is a coherent optical transmission solution that supports software programmable high-speed throughput (100G/150G/200G) to lower cost per bit as networks scale.

Improving existing resources
The flexible and compact line-side interface solution will enable NBN to improve utilisation of existing fibre resources by over 50% and increase capacity up to 45 Tbps per fibre link, while reducing CapEx and OpEx via reduced footprint, lower power consumption, and improved throughput density.

Peter Ryan, Chief Network Engineering Officer at NBN, commented, “CloudWave solution will help us in scaling the NBN and connecting 8 million homes by 2020. Maximizing the performance of our fibre optic infrastructure is critical as we expand the capacity of the NBN network throughout Australia and enable residential and business customers to take full advantage of fast and reliable broadband.”

Deployment of the Coriant flexi-rate solution, which is scheduled to begin during 2017, will target high-traffic routes within the nationwide NBN backbone network.

Petri Markkanen, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Coriant, said, “Keeping pace with end-user traffic demands while lower operating costs is a challenge shared by network operators and cloud providers around the world. Our CloudWave Optics solution provides these operators a powerful toolkit to seamlessly scale to higher speeds while delivering proven ROI through lower power, reduced space, and improved reach performance.”


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