MRV plugs optical DCI flexibility gap?

Created May 11, 2017
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Data Centre Interconnect specialist MRV Communications™ Inc has unveiled the OD-4-DCI, its new optical transport platform aimed at the DCI market. Part of MRV’s OptiDriver® family of WDM metro transport solutions, the OD-4-DCI is designed to enable modular, ultra-high density DCI in a compact 1RU form factor with stackable management, and so offer higher bandwidth point-to-point connections between data centres.

MRV points out that, with rapidly changing bandwidth needs, flexibility in DCI is a valuable commodity. The company notes that OptiDriver line cards, that are supported by the OD-4-DCI chassis, exclusively use pluggable optics. This facilitates pay-as-you-grow bandwidth capacity expansion. Additionally, pluggable optics means that data centre operators only have to invest CapEx as needed, enabling them to adopt the most current optical innovations.

“With over 63% annual growth in 2016, optical DCI remains one of the strongest growth markets in optical networking,” commented Tim Doiron, Principal Analyst, ACG Research. “Telecom and Webscale service providers are looking for diverse DCI deployment options. The addition of the MRV OD-4-DCI 1RU product to the OptiDriver family increases service provider flexibility. The use of consistent pluggable optics across the product family improves capital and operational efficiencies while enabling a pay-as-you-go deployment model to match costs with revenue and bandwidth demands.”

“The OD-4-DCI meets the specific business, financial and operating requirements of data centre operators as well as those of service providers” added Adam Scheer, MRV Chief Operating Officer. “Additionally, we have designed the OD-4-DCI to meet data centre operators’ expectations for efficient power consumption.”


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