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Created May 24, 2017
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After more than a year of R&D, Gamm-Bud has announced the launch of a digital recorder to work with its flagship product, the Blue Dragon Jet standard blower.

The Dragon Brain recorder is able to record across a range of parameters, such as pressure in the duct, pneumatic pressure on engines, the length of blown cable, blowing speed, ambient temperature, relative humidity, and GPS location. Ability to save PDF files and to create a protocol with a graph.

The device complies with the requirements of Deutsche Telekom and compatibility is not restricted to be operated with Gamm-Bud manufactured blowers only.

The latest product in the range is Gamm-Bud’s smallest device, the Blue Dragon Jet Budget, which was designed to blow FTTH microcells in a diameter range of 0.5mm to 8.0mm, servicing microducts from 5mm to 16mm. The Dragon Jet Budget does not operate using its own engine, but can be powered by a cordless screwdriver.

A highly versatile device, the Dragon Jet Budget is able to quickly adapt between working with cables and microducts.

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