Fujikura’s 70S, the world’s first fully automatic fusion splicer

Created May 26, 2017
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Fujikura Europe’s 70S, the world’s first fully automatic fusion splicer and the only machine to withstand drop testing on all six sides from a height of 70cm, requires just four operational steps per splice and reduces splicing time to just six seconds.

The most notable features of the 70S are its true core-alignment performance, user customisable features, and its fully ruggedized exterior, which is dust, shock and rain resistant. The 70S also features an automated wind protector and a tube heater which has been developed for quicker splicing cycles and to reduce the number of operational steps.

“Our 40 years’ experience has allowed us to create a technology that is far superior to anything on the market and to optimise this splicing tool to be reliable and accurate, achieving a high quality splice, which will help minimise the need for re-work or repairs / maintenance on any fibre network spliced with a Fujikura splicer,” said Neil Bessant, Divisional Manager, Fusion Splicer Division at Fujikura Europe Ltd. “Ultimately, this is why you pay more for a Fujikura splicer. You are paying for a product that could last you more than ten years and a product that creates the best splice possible.”

With the 70S, Fujikura Europe has streamlined the steps required to complete splices, resulting in greater productivity.

“The 70S only takes six seconds to make a splice and nine seconds to make heat shrink. These, combined with the other automated features, make the product altogether the fastest splicing technology, by 25% no less,” added Bessant.

The ‘configurable automation’ design of the 70S allows customers to tailor the operation of the machine to best suit their particular splicing technique and process while the programmable ‘automatic wind protector’ closes and begins the splicing process after clamping the fibres in position or pressing the ‘set’ button. Once the splice is completed, the wind protector and one of the sheath clamps opens automatically making removal of the fibres fast and easy.

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