Diamond announces fibre optic connector range for demanding applications

Created May 29, 2017
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Diamond have announced the development of three new harsh environment connectors, the HE-2000, MIL-38999 DM and the MIL-83526 DM.

These customizable indoor/outdoor connectors are built around the Diamond Multipurpose (DM) insert and incorporate four terminal points that use two-component ferrules and are assembled with the company’s Active Core Alignment (A.C.A) process.

The Diamond Multipurpose (DM) insert offers precise and repeatable pre-alignment, with interacting, space saving pre-aligned hollow guide pins and resilient alignment sleeves which can be individually removed for easy cleaning. All elements are protected from external influences.

The product boasts easy ferrule front-face access for cleaning and inspection, simple termini insertion and removal for field termination and repair. The splice-on termini can be field terminated using Diamond’s ZEUS D50 HE fusion splicer, providing in-service repairs and special installations.

In addition to the MIL-38999 DM and MIL-83526 DM, the HE-2000 offers a push-pull mechanism for easy mating and handling, plus mechanical and colour coding, on request. The termini are protected from dust and water using a unique automatic protection shutter on the plug connector and a manual shutter on the bulkhead receptacle.

Connectors are available for MM, SM (PC/APC), small-core single mode fibre, polarization-maintaining (PM) fibre and other specialty fibre types. Also available are electrical contacts (20 AWG) for hybrid E/O applications.

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