DarkStar Mux/Demux lifts off

Created May 19, 2017
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XKL LLC, a provider of fibre optic networking systems, has launched the DarkStar Mux/Demux – Amplifier (DMD-A) optical utility appliance. The DMD-A provides a variety of filter options, including 48- or 96-channel mux/demux and 4-or 6-band combiner filter, and allows for point-to-point or east/west configurations. It also supports up to four Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFAs), depending on other installed options. XKL’s DMD-A optical appliance includes dispersion compensation and an integrated optical switch for path protection.

The DMD-A can serve as an integral part of an XKL network solution, or can interoperate with any optical networking equipment that utilises the standard ITU grid, 50 GHz or 100 GHz channel spacing. It has an interface for deployment and management designed to enable “set and forget” administration of the appliance.

“What truly makes the DMD-A stand out is its bulletproof design and operational efficiency,” claims Dr. Chad Lamb, Chief Systems Architect for XKL. “With more than seven years in continuous service, XKL considers downtime of critical infrastructure unacceptable and designs products accordingly.

XKL is privately owned and operated by Cisco Systems co-founder Len Bosack.


John Williamson

John Williamson

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