Teraxion launches slope-matched tunable dispersion compensator

Created April 18, 2017
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TeraXion, based in Quebec City, Canada, showcased at OFC 2017 its new tunable dispersion compensator, which manages chromatic dispersion simultaneously on the entire C-band. The device has been designed to enable significant cost and size reduction in 100 Gb/s PAM-4 systems for data center interconnects (DCIs) and other applications.

With its slope-matching technology, the TDCMX-SM compensates chromatic dispersion simultaneously in all channels on 50 GHz or 100 GHz channel grids, extending the link reach up to 80km.

Teraxion said that this single component could eventually replace the current solution of compensating dispersion with spools of dispersion compensating fibre (DCF). The TDCMX-SM uses the same platform as TeraXion’s previous generation tunable dispersion compensator, which was deployed in the tens of thousands of units.

“The impetus for designing the Slope-Matched Tunable Dispersion Compensator was offering system integrators and content providers a tunable DCM [dispersion compensation module] with DCIs’ specific needs in mind”, said Patrick Lebeau, sales and product line manager at TeraXion.

“We are excited, because the end-product is a plug-and-play device that can bring significant reductions in system costs and space, making the PAM-4 network architecture even more cost-effective”, he added.
TeraXion designs, manufactures and markets photonic components and modules for speed, power and precision in markets including optical communications, laser systems and optical sensing.

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by Matthew Peach

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