Sterlite Tech’s optical communications products qualified with Europe’s CPR

Created April 18, 2017
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Smarter optical communication products will be flame retardant, while ensuring ultra-fast connectivity, long-lasting performance, efficiency and scalability, says Indian-headquartered company.

Sterlite Tech, an end-to-end global technology leader in smarter digital networks, is now providing high-quality optical fibre cables qualified with harmonised European EU305/2011 Construction Products Regulation (CPR). All cable products in the EU must meet the CPR qualification and carry the CE marking by July 1, 2017.

Sterlite Tech is partnering with leading global telecom operators, ISPs and municipalities to meet the European Commission’s targets to create a “Gigabit society” through ultra-fast internet access by 2025. The standard includes the following: 1 Gbps connectivity for providers of public services and digitally intensive enterprises, 100 Mbps speed for all urban and rural homes, and uninterrupted 5G broadband coverage for all urban areas.

Sterlite Tech commented that fibre connectivity is “imperative” to realise this vision, and as a developer of smart digital infrastructures, Sterlite Tech is enabling this roll-out in Europe and other geographies.

Explaining the importance of CPR, Dr Anand Agarwal, CEO, Sterlite Tech, said, “We design, build, and manage networks for urban and rural connectivity, smart cities, defence and the global telecom industry. We build safe and ‘future-proof’ smarter networks to enable ultra-high speed connectivity. Hence, we understand the criticality of CPR qualification and have adopted it.”

Announcing the CPR compliance, Dr Badri Gomatam, Chief Technology Officer, Sterlite Tech, said, “Our range of internal optical-fibre cables are now compliant with CPR and available with measured Euroclass CE marking and labelling. These optical communication products will significantly improve safety in buildings and civil engineering works, while ensuring long-lasting performance, efficiency, and scalability.”

Sterlite Technologies is an integrated global technology player with presence in over 100 countries, and a strong portfolio of 130 patents. The company has a strong presence in Europe, with technology, sales, distribution and service centres. In the last nine months, Sterlite Tech’s international sales contributed 37% of its overall revenues, while Europe contributed 28% of exports.

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