Coriant Aware™ Technology – Break Free from Optical Network Limitations

Created April 12, 2017
Applications and Research

Limitations in your evolving 100G+ coherent optical network can increase operational cost, slow new wavelength activation times, limit reach, and prevent the network from operating at its highest possible capacity. Coriant Aware™ Technology responds to these challenges by enabling more dynamic networks that can fully leverage next-generation coherent technology. Benefits of Coriant Aware™ Technology  include faster, simpler wavelength provisioning, better reach and more capacity, higher availability, and the opportunity to monetize margin as extra capacity that can be sold to customers. With an awareness of real-time network data, Coriant Aware™ Technology offers network optimization and simplified operations designed for the hyperscale generation.

To learn more about Coriant Aware™ Technology, download the new Coriant white paper  Evolving the Awareness of Optical Networks.


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