Adva cuts risk of NFV migration with One Network Edge device

Created April 18, 2017
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Adva Optical Networking has launched its FSP 150 ProVMe (P2.4). The device has been engineered to remove the risk of introducing virtualization and helps CSPs to easily and cost-effectively roll out NFV. The system achieves this with the inclusion of a hot-swappable, pluggable server that enables NFV rollout as and when needed.

In combination with its hardware-assisted NFV infrastructure support functions, the latest member of the Adva One Network Edge product family provides a simple and cost-effective way for CSPs to deploy virtual network functions (VNFs) in direct response to customer demand, says the company.

The pluggable modular server also works with the Adva’sEnsemble portfolio to support distributed NFV through embedded cloud functionality for greater security and scalability.

“We have created a blueprint for pain-free NFV deployment. By embedding our FSP 150 ProVMe with a pluggable server, CSPs are assured of a simple and profitable way to transition to virtualization. This device makes the efficiency and flexibility of NFV available today,” said Stephan Rettenberger, SVP, marketing and investor relations at the company.

“By adding a pluggable server directly into our demarcation device, CSPs can choose exactly when they want to roll out VNFs to their customers. Every aspect of this technology has been engineered to align capital costs with actual revenue. That’s why our pluggable server is easily upgradable. It means your network can grow at the same pace as your business and customers’ demands.”

The device is a multi-technology solution for multi-layer business service demarcation and VNF hosting. It combines virtual and physical network functions for low-latency forwarding and significantly enhanced performance.

Hardware-assisted support functions, such as tunnelling technologies and service assurance, free up compute resources for revenue-generating services, enabling CSPs to offer a wide range of demanding applications far more efficiently. VNF monitoring functions are implemented in hardware for server-independent service assurance, providing essential information for managing and optimizing the NFV infrastructure. These features are a key differentiator for the ADVA FSP 150 ProVMe series and were recently confirmed in independent EANTC tests.

“What we bring to bear here is our real-world experience of helping CSPs to simply and efficiently virtualise service delivery. With our pluggable server, we’ve completed the virtualization business case. For so many customers, the latest addition to our One Network Edge family is the missing piece of the puzzle,” said Ulrich Kohn, director, technical marketing, at Adva.

“We’ve focused on VNF service assurance and implemented unique hardware-based support functions. With our integrated carrier-grade server, we’re giving CSPs an NFV roadmap with no risks, no unknowns and no unnecessary costs. What’s more, our new, pluggable FSP 150 ProVMe (P2.4) will help significantly with server lifecycle management. It makes the process of upgrading simple and efficient so new technology can be deployed as soon as it’s developed.”

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