VTT and CWC receive the first 5G equipment in Finland

Created March 7, 2017
Applications and Research

Nokia has delivered radio equipment based on 5G technology to Finland’s Centre for Wireless Communications and the VTT Technical Research Centre. The arrival of the first 5G devices in Finland marks the continued long-lasting 5G test network cooperation between the network company Nokia and the research institutes.

With the new demo equipment, VTT says it is possible to study applications and services requiring 5G connectivity and demonstrate 5G opportunities offered to enterprises and other partners. High bandwidth enables the system to reach speeds of up to several gigabits per second. The equipment is used for educational purposes.

The research group says that 5G is mainly about the following three characteristics: high-speed mobile data, smooth communication between devices (IoT), as well as to ensuring high reliability and low-latency communication. Now delivered pre-commercial 5G radios are still in the development stage. They form a high-capacity radio link that uses 5G systems contemplated for radio frequencies.

“Bandwidth provided by the system is a multiple of 4G connectivity, reaching up to speeds of several gigabits per second. This could mean, for example, loading of a full-length film in a few seconds”, describes senior researcher Atso Hekkala from VTT Techincal Research Centre Finland.

“The new 5G radios reduce the delay between the terminal and the base station to a few milliseconds, which enables new technological solutions, such as self-steering cars or real-time remote control of equipment,” said Aki Korvala, Nokia’s program director.

The delivery 5G radio equipment is part of the Oulu region’s 5G test network, the innovation platform area of ICT companies, constructed by research institutes and the public sector with funding from Tekes and the European Regional Development Fund.

“The active test network already allows for testing of new technologies, services and business models. The successful cooperation is based on public funding, strong regional ecosystem and solid cooperation especially with Nokia and research institutions, guarantees project manager at CWC, Olli Liinamaa.

In the future, the focus of the test network project is shifting to 5G technology and researching, developing and piloting services made possible by 5G in an environment as realistic as possible. With 5G-demo radios the 5G test network researchers and partners have a test environment providing high data speed and short delay. As a result, researchers and service developers have the opportunity to develop more demanding applications wirelessly.

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by Matthew Peach

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