US FTTH organisation rebrands as Fiber Broadband Association

Created March 30, 2017
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FTTH Council Americas President and CEO Heather Burnett Gold has announced that the association has launched a modernised brand that it believes will better reflect the evolution and makeup of the industry it represents, and the services its members deliver. The new brand and descriptor is “Fiber Broadband Association, accelerating the connected future” and will be the association’s formal name in all aspects of its public image.

“The Fiber Broadband Association represents members that are building the world’s highest-performing fibre optic broadband networks for consumers at home, businesses and the critical role fibre plays supporting new and emerging technologies like 5G wireless networks,” said Burnett Gold. “Modernising our brand acknowledges this evolution and brings a new sense of excitement into our effort to represent an industry, inclusive of other fibre-supported technologies with a common goal of building the world’s fastest-growing technology platform for consumers, businesses and innovation.”

In a Q&A, Burnett Gold noted that fibre now passes 30 million homes in the USA, and that, in the last three years, North America has experienced record growth in fibre to homes with 2016 year-over-year growth totalling 16%.

“But homes are just the beginning. Our members are building networks to connect entire communities, enterprises, and supporting the high-speed broadband connectivity that is now critical to every aspect of our lives. The innovations created by our members now deliver tens of Gigabits per second over individual wavelengths from tunable optics,” she observed. “Our members are delivering the cloud-based technology and solutions that provide the potential for near limitless scale and service agility. So we are entering a whole new world of full integration of seamless communications to everywhere and everything. And that’s what our Association represents.”

John Williamson


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