OFC 2017: GigPeak live demos addressed challenges of network, Cloud growth

Created March 28, 2017
Technologies and Products

GigPeak, a developer of semiconductor ICs and software solutions for high-speed connectivity and high-quality video compression over the network and Cloud, showcased a range of new products at OFC 2017, demonstrating the massive growth in the datacentre and telecom markets – and how to deal with it.

The company commented that its latest solutions could help solve the challenges associated with increasing requirements for higher densities and greater speeds as Cloud and networking services become ever more central to consumers’ lives.

On show at the LA expo were GigPeak’s 200G PAM4 VCSEL and DML driver technology. The company stated, “These devices increase optical networking bandwidth density and will be used in 200G and 400G applications. They also offer the best power dissipation in the market, as well as automatic power control, programmable CTLE equalization, and OTP for calibrating over temperature.”

GigPeak also highlighted its 100G LR transmitter optical sub-assembly (TOSA) and receiver optical sub-assembly (ROSA) reference designs, in partnership with Shijia Photons Technology. Finally, GigPeak will demonstrate a 64Gbaud quad-channel linear optical modulator driver in a 14mm x 9.1mm Surface Mount Technology (SMT) package for 400G/600G coherent applications.

GigPeak’s datacom demonstrations included the following: the HXT14400, a four-channel 200G PAM4 VCSEL laser driver; HXT14100, a one-channel 200G PAM4 VCSEL laser driver and HXT44400, a four-channel 200G PAM4 DML laser driver – both designed to enable a doubling of the data rate from 100G to 200G within the same form factor and footprint; HXT42400 in TOSA reference design, a four-channel 100G LR NRZ DML laser driver in 100G transmitter optical sub-assembly; HXR42400 in ROSA reference design, a four-channel 100G LR NRZ TIA in an 100G receiver optical sub-assembly.


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by Matthew Peach

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