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Created March 7, 2017
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US Conec will unveil at OFC 2017, the next generation multi-fiber MTP® connector—MTP® PRO. This state-of-the-art connector ushers in a new era by bringing simple and robust field configurability, ease of use and enhanced performance to the industry leading MTP® family. The MTP® PRO connector leverages all the proven features and technology of US Conec’s existing MTP® connectors, while providing optimal flexibility and performance in the field.

Polarity and pin reconfiguration of the MTP® PRO eliminates the need for a skilled technician to remove the connector housing, exposing delicate fibres and putting the cable assembly at risk. The MTP® PRO pins can be easily installed or removed countless times without removing the housing or handling loose pins in the field or factory, while ensuring a highly reliable, re-configured cable. The novel pin keeper design ensures robust retention of the pins, eliminating any concerns of pin transfer. Additionally, one simple insertion of the MTP® PRO connector into a polarity change port reverses the key configuration by seamlessly retracting the exposed key while simultaneously extracting a hidden key on the opposite side of the connector.

The MTP® PRO push-pull functionality is designed for simplified use, offering a slightly longer and robust integrated insertion and extraction sleeve for easy access without compromising the connector footprint. There is no longer a need to push on the strain relief portion of the connector for insertion. The integrated housing of the MTP® PRO connector is used to insert and extract the connector as is the natural tendency of the installer. Enhanced ferrule coarse alignment further minimizes debris generation resulting in better performance.



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