Fremco introduces The Nanoflow, a fully automatic fibre blowing machine

Created March 6, 2017
Technologies and Products

The Nanoflow, Fremco’s fully automated fibre blowing machine, is powered by a 24V 2.0 Ah Li-ion battery, measures 200mm X 135mm X 100mm and weighs just 2.5kg. Snap on adaptor plates and duct adaptors mean users can easily change between different fiber and duct sizes, without the need for tools.

Fremco said the machine was designed to meet the needs of the user, with ”a focus on the entire job and not just the blowing process” and field tests have shown efficiency is increased by 400% or more when blowing pre-connected fibres, with fewer fibre damage. The reduction in fibre damage occurs thanks to a unique double fibre protection system, where the Nanoflow will gradually blow the fibre to a preset maximum limit and then immediately interupt the blowing process. If the torque is set higher than the maximum load limit, a built-in  synchronous system will immediately stop the blowing process.

The Nanoflow comes standard with two sets of adaptor plates for 1.1-1.2 mm and 1.4-1.6 mm EPFU fiber (2f-12f) and with duct adaptors for duct sizes 3-5-7-8-10 mm, but adaptor plates for other fiber sizes can be made on request.–air-blown-fiber-ftth/


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