EANTC takes part in first ETSI NFV interoperability plugtest

Created March 2, 2017
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NFV test automation tool completes seven MANO integrations.

EANTC AG (European Advanced Networking Test Centre) participated in ETSI’s first Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) interoperability Plugtests, between January 23 and February 3, 2017. The validation focused on ETSI NFV Release 2 end-to-end capabilities including management of descriptors and software images, life cycle management of network services and virtual network functions.

EANTC reported that it has implemented a Management and Orchestration (MANO) test automation harness, enabling efficient and versatile communication with various vendor-specific orchestrators. The test tool implements vendor-specific standards of the ETSI Os-Ma-Nfvo interface.

The EANTC team successfully completed 64 test cases with seven MANO solutions: Adva’s Ensemble, Cisco’s Network Services Orchestrator, Ericsson’s Cloud Manager, Open Baton, ETSI OSM, Openet Weaver and RIFT.io RIFT.ware.

Carsten Rossenhoevel, managing director at EANTC, said, “NFV orchestration interoperability is achieved through vendor-specific integration today, as there are no protocol-level industry standards yet available. We have extended our automated NFV interoperability testing harness to include orchestration.

“The ETSI Plugtest was a great opportunity to confirm EANTC’s readiness for efficient NFV interoperability and regression testing. Our services fast-track PoC and acceptance testing towards reliable and scalable multi-vendor NFV solutions.”

Around 30 vendors, open source projects and universities came together for the hot-staging in Madrid, Spain at the end of January 2017 after a remote integration phase that started in November 2016.

Participants included A10 Networks, Adva, Anritsu, Canonical USA, Cisco, Ericsson, F5 Networks, Fortinet, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei, Intel, Italtel, Ixia, Keynetic Technologies, Lenovo, Mahindra Comviva, Netrounds, Openet, Palo Alto Networks, Radware, Red Hat, RIFT.io, Sandvine, Sonus Networks, Spirent, University of the Basque Country, VMware and Wind River.

More information at www.eantc.com


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