NeoPhotonics samples PAM4-based 400G Pluggable CFP8 transceiver

Created February 17, 2017
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400G CFP8 Modules utilize NeoPhotonics’ high-performance components on links up to 10km.

NeoPhotonics, a developer of advanced hybrid photonic integrated optoelectronic modules and subsystems for bandwidth-intensive networks, has begun sampling its 400G CFP8 transceiver modules, designed for data center interconnection and client side telecom applications. This CFP8 represents the first step on the company’s 400G roadmap for data center and client applications.

The 400G PAM4 (4-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation) CFP8 module leverages the company’s comprehensive high-speed component technologies, including its 28 Gbaud high performance and low power Electro-absorption Modulated Lasers (EMLs) as well as its high speed PIN photodiodes.

The CFP8 module relies on the high volume, production-proven 28 GBaud component platform used in the currently-deployed NeoPhotonics 100G LR4 modules and leverages its continuous EML technology improvement, which is focused on lowering power consumption while assuring high-speed performance. As part of this development, the company recently announced an EML with the driver integrated at the chip-on-carrier level.

The transceiver is designed to be compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs 400GBASE- LR8 / FR8 specifications for links up to 10km.

Tim Jenks, Chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics, commented, “We believe our 400G solution will fulfill market needs by leveraging the performance of our EML lasers, while reducing power consumption through integration with CMOS PAM4 chipsets.”

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