colorPol® high transmittance polarisers

Created February 22, 2017
Technologies and Products

CODIXX AG are set to showcase the colorPol®, a high contrast ratio and high polarizer providing low intrinsic losses and high transmission at spectral ranges of 1.250 – 2.500 nm, transmittance of over 98 % (with anti-reflection coating) and a contrast ratio greater than 10,000:1 (> 40 dB). The insertion loss undercuts 0.1 dB.

Special polarizers like the colorPol® IR 1310 BC4 HT, colorPol® IR 1490 BC4 HT and colorPol® IR 1550 BC4 HT match the important wavelength ranges in optical isolators. Reflection losses can be minimized by an antireflection coating. AR-coatings are available as V-coatings or wide-band versions for individual wavelengths and all colorPol® polarizers are made by glass which entail unique properties, like easy handling, as thin as foil polarizers, resistance to UV radiation and most chemicals, wide acceptance angles for incident radiation and considerable operating-temperature ranges of – 50 °C to + 400 °C.

Thicknesses from 0.2 to 2.0 mm can also be implemented as other spectral ranges, transmission characteristics and contrast ratios. colorPol® polarizers are produced to customer specifications in various shapes and dimensions, from 1 x 1 mm² up to a maximum size of 100 x 60 mm².


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