Anritsu redefine transport testing with Network Master™ Flex MT1100A

Created February 17, 2017
Technologies and Products

The all-in-one Network Master™ Flex MT1100A supports all the latest communications technologies. Selecting and installing up to two modules from three options allows the MT1100A to conduct comprehensive R&D, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance tests of network and transport equipment, operating at bit rates from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. The MT1100A supports R&D of the latest OTN 400 Gbps technologies using client signals, including Ethernet, CPRI, Fibre Channel, SDH/SONET and PDH/Dsn. It can perform mapped OTN client-signal tests under near-to-live conditions for faster troubleshooting.

While OTN carries client signals, all other current OTN transport testers only support OTN testing at the OTN line rate with bulk test signals. This means that problems in the carried client signals are invisible when testing an in-service OTN system. The Network Master Flex MT1100A changes all of that, as technicians can now test OTN lines at the client signal level with signals such as Ethernet, CPRI, Fibre Channel and SDH/SONET. The MT1100A can also test OTN lines at the line rate with bulk signals. The result is that OTN issues can be solved more efficiently, network downtime can be reduced and operating expenses can be lowered.

The MT1100A supports a maximum of four 40 Gbps or 100 Gbps ports, each of which can be used independently or simultaneously for network and network-equipment tests. It is the first portable transport tester that supports simultaneous installation of four independent 100 Gbps ports, which is critical for today’s high-speed networks.


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