Teledyne LeCroy announces new NVMe-MI conformance tests

Created January 9, 2017
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Teledyne LeCroy, a developer of protocol test solutions, has announced the availability of a new set of storage conformance tests targeted at testing NVM Express SSDs that support the NVM Express Management Interface specification. NVMe SSDs have enabled high performance storage systems and are now featuring out-of-band management through MCTP using PCIe and SMBus binding protocols.

The NVMe Management Interface Conformance Tests use the Summit T34 protocol analyzer and Summit Z3-16 protocol exerciser/test platform with SMBus support to capture, record, decode and generate SMBus traffic alongside PCIe traffic. The combination of these new tests and Summit protocol analyzer and exerciser hardware will make it possible to conduct NVMe-MI conformance testing at future NVMe Plugfests hosted by UNH-IOL.

“The NVMe Management Interface is an important part of delivering a robust solid-state drive solution for data centre environments,” said Amber Huffman, President of NVM Express. “The new NVMe Management Interface Conformance tests from Teledyne LeCroy will help companies validate their products and better adhere to the standard defined by the NVMe storage community.”

NVM Express is the organization that developed the NVMe, NVMe-MI, and NVMe over Fabrics specifications. Periodic NVMe Plugfests are conducted during the year through the University of New Hampshire’s InterOperability Lab (UNH-IOL) in Durham, New Hampshire.

Storage companies from all over the world that manufacture NVMe SSDs gather together at these events to ensure their devices comply with the NVMe specification. The plugfest events provide high confidence that products will work well across a broad range of systems.

The NVMe Management Interface (NVMe-MI) Specification was ratified by NVM Express, in November of 2015. Teledyne LeCroy has created conformance tests based on the NVMe-MI 1.0 specification and has donated these tests to be used as part of future NVMe Plugfest events. NVM Express, Inc. is working with the storage community and UNH-IOL to define the details of the NVMe-MI conformance testing program in early 2017.

“There has been a lot of interest in NVMe conformance testing. Many companies want to ensure that their SSDs are technically compatible with the specification. At UNH-IOL, we are looking forward to adding NVMe-MI testing to our conformance testing.” said David Woolf, Research and Development, Datacentre Technologies at UNH-IOL. “The new NVMe Management Interface Conformance Tests from Teledyne LeCroy will give us the necessary tools to test NVMe-MI enabled SSDs in upcoming plugfests.”

Further information about Teledyne LeCroy’s new NVMe-MI conformance tests.

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