RETN deploys Infinera Cloud Xpress for regional network in Western Europe

Created January 25, 2017
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RETN, an international network service provider, has deployed Infinera’s Cloud Xpress for its regional network in Western Europe, providing connectivity between Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna. The solution enables RETN to interconnect its regional networks with scalability, simplicity and reliability. The company operates a backbone network that stretches over 32,000 km of fibre, connecting 29 countries across Europe, Asia and North America.

RETN has been operating Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks for the past several years to enable construction, modernization and upgrade of its dense wavelength-division multiplexing cross-border network ring infrastructure in Europe and Russia, including major trans-boundary routes across Scandinavia and Ukraine.

In 2015, RETN announced deployment of 500 gigabits per second super-channels using Infinera’s DTN-X packet optical platform across its pan-European network. RETN selected the Infinera Cloud Xpress to provide 100 Gb/s DWDM services on two of its routes in Western Europe.

Cloud Xpress delivers a 500 Gb/s super-channel in a compact, two-rack unit appliance for transport of Ethernet services. The package also incorporates Infinera’s Instant Bandwidth technology to allow customers to software-activate line-side bandwidth in 100 Gb/s increments as and when needed, closely matching their end-customer demands. It is also designed for plug-and-play installation with simplified provisioning and support for data centre automation using open software-defined networking application programming interfaces.

“RETN is experiencing growth in high-traffic regional networks across Europe,” said Tony O’Sullivan, RETN’s COO. “As we upgrade our networks, we turn to innovators in the industry bringing new solutions to the market first, such as Infinera. We have successfully deployed Cloud Xpress to power our regional networks in Western Europe, enabling us to deliver simple, scalable and reliable services for our customers.”

Nick Walden, Vice President, EMEA at Infinera, added, “RETN’s deployment of the Cloud Xpress highlights the value the Cloud Xpress Family delivers to network operators globally. The Cloud Xpress Family’s compact design, ease of use and scalability stand out, enabling operators to grow capacity rapidly while minimizing the cost of space and power.”

The Cloud Xpress Family delivers optimized metro-WDM solutions to service providers, internet content providers, internet exchange service providers, enterprises and other large-scale data centre operators. The range offers users a choice of 10 Gigabit Ethernet, 40 GbE and 100 GbE client interfaces to meet their specific requirements. Infinera recently introduced the Cloud Xpress 2 based on its Infinite Capacity Engine, scheduled to be available in the first quarter of 2017.

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